Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Although we do not want to add fuel to some of the irrational hysteria surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, we do feel, as health professionals, we should make a statement regarding the health and safety of our patients, and what we are doing as an office to prevent the spread of this virus.

First, it is a virus. In that way, it is similar to many viruses we deal with on a daily basis like influenza, herpes simplex, HIV, and even the common cold. As an office, we already take all the precautions necessary to stop the spread of viruses. Masks and gloves are used for any procedure in which we come in contact with bodily fluids or are exposed to aerosols. Between patients, all rooms are completely sprayed and wiped with disinfectants that kill viruses. Any equipment used in the patient’s mouth is sterilized in an autoclave or disposed of.

One thing patients can do to help prevent the spread of this or any virus is to stay home if you are not feeling well – especially if you have a cough or fever. Just call and re-schedule your appointment. We will be glad to accommodate you.

Truthfully, when you consider all the precautions we take, and our long history of dealing with infectious diseases, the dental office is a much safer place than a concert, basketball game, or even the grocery store.

We assure you we will continue to take all the steps we have available, and future precautions if they become available to keep your visit to the dentist as safe as it always has been.

Below are the links for updates from both the state of New Mexico and the CDC.

Additionally, BEFORE you visit any medical facility, if you feel you have any symptoms or have been in contact with the virus and could be infected please call this phone number FIRST. 1-855-600-3453



Robert Gherardi, DMD

David Moore, DDS

Joseph Gherardi, DDS