Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We are happy to inform all of our patients and the community that Gherardi & Moore is open again and seeing patients on a regular basis. There are some additional measures that we have added to our routine procedural protocol to best protect our patients, ourselves, and all of our families. This includes many simple hygiene steps and distancing rules that I’m sure you have encountered at any other place of business these days.

Masks are still required to enter our office as we are a healthcare setting.

Before starting any dental procedures, we will take your temperature – please leave your mask on until we let you know it’s ok to remove it. The assistant or hygienist will be in the room with you, and will be asking a series of questions related to your health. They are also there to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, if you are an at-risk individual due to age or pre-existing conditions, or simply have any concerns about anything, please call us prior to any appointments and we will be happy to make arrangements accordingly.

We are constantly re-assessing both our procedures and the data and policies in our region, state, and country to appropriately address safety.  We are confident that these added steps are keeping us all as safe as possible, and we hope that you feel the same level of comfort here as you always have.


Robert Gherardi, DMD

Dave Moore, DDS

Joe Gherardi, DDS 


Below are the links for updates from both the state of New Mexico and the CDC.