Gum Disease

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Dr. Gherardi, Dr. Moore and Dr. Gherardi are proud to offer the most effective and scientifically proven methods available for periodontal therapy.  Gum disease is not easy to eradicate but can be controlled with cooperative efforts by our dental team (hygienists and dentists) and patients.  Untreated it results in bone loss, pockets in the gums and chronic infections.  Our goal is always to preserve your teeth, and comfort as long as possible.


Conservative treatment

Many studies now show that the “old” gum surgeries did not prolong the useful life of periodontially involved teeth.  Drs. Gherardi, Moore and Gherardi believe in conservative periodontal treatment.   This most often involves a thorough cleaning of the infected root surfaces while numb, called “root planing”.  This is followed by placing a mixture of antibiotic and cortisone into the pocket for comfort and disinfection.  This treatment, along with the patients good efforts in home-care will result in most gum disease becoming stable where it can be controlled long term.

If areas of gum disease are not controlled with these methods we will work together with gum disease specialists (periodontists) that we trust, to get you the care you need to preserve your teeth.

Reduced Risk of Infection:

Using our antibiotic/cortisone mixture in pockets during root planning and after regular cleanings results in reduced pockets and reduced risk of infection which causes bone loss.

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